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I'm restarting my blog. Again.

I don't remember how many times I have done this. Probably 20. Or less. I guess this one is also just another beginning which I might drop pretty soon, maybe. I'm so unstable at this so-called blogging. Sometimes I would love to write like this, but my brain will stop the heart from opening up into a bunch of paragraphs. But I'm an INTP with a carefully designed proxy personality for social interactions, self-motivation, and emotional recovery. Woah! That was one heck of a sentence. Anyway, I'm gonna use that superpower now!

A fact that I realized when I started writing this post is that I have never written anything about me on my own blog. I always wrote like I was doing it for monetizing it. That was always in my mind - "make money".

I wrote like a pro blogger who knows everything. I will write 10 - 20 articles and then I will stop. I did this on every blog I own. And I felt like I failed. Miserably. Many times. Not because I couldn't make decent money out of it. But because I couldn't convert that into a passion.

I actually did make money from all of it. Just small fractions. All my blogs collectively were generating $1 - $5 every month. I think now I'm close to $100 which will trigger the first payout from AdSense. But now, that doesn't motivate me to write for money again.

I remember starting my first blog when I was a kid.

When I was around 12, my father bought a small phone, LG GM200, which had GPRS in it. That sort of changed my life. I still remember recharging that airtel sim with 14 rupees unlimited 2G pack and opening Google in that tiny little phone. That was the beginning. I learned hell lot of things including the one and the only blogger.com

At that time I didn't know what exactly blogging means, except that the word is the combination of web and log. I approached blogger as a free website building tool. I built my first blog in it. I called it "Hyperlogics". Yeah, I know what you are thinking. It was as crazy as the name I have now.

I even registered a ".tk" domain which is free and it became "hyperlogics.tk" from "hyperlogics.blogspot.com". I created a custom design for it, made that CSS compatible with Opera Mini.

Opera Mini was a superstar at that time. That saved a lot of time and data. But it had only one annoying problem. It won't recognize the CSS unless you set "media" property to "screen". I learned that in a hard way. But I was super happy when I saw my blog in Opera looking as good as it looks on PC.

I also remember moving the blog to a subdomain so that I can showcase my projects in the main domain. I never completed building that portfolio. I then shifted blog to Wordpress, came back to Blogger, built one in ASP.NET and one in PHP, again came back to Blogger. I did that so many times but never added more content. I just kept building stuff. Now I'm building a full-featured blog engine in Golang (I started writing it in python. But as a part of my new year resolution of 2017 to learn Go, I rewrote complete codebase in it).

All I earned from these things is knowledge. I learned so many platforms, languages, strategies, concepts, what works and what doesn't. And I'm still learning. Blogging is just one among thousands of things I learned but didn't become a pro in practice.

And here I am writing the first blog post for the 20th time. I hope this time it will go well. I had the same hope for past 19 times. I'm stubborn in such cases. I never give up. But now I understand that it is not a good idea all the time. Sometimes you have to give up for the good. The trickiest part is in finding the equilibrium of both. So there might not be a 21st restart.

And I'm not thinking of monetizing this blog. I don't think it is worth it. Also, I'm very bad at monetizing stuff like this. It ruins the design as well. So no ads. No made up writing style. Just me and my blog. That's it. I might start a Youtube channel(yay!). I'm waiting for my first bonus to buy a good camera.

Anyway if I didn't lose the interest in this we will meet again. Good day!